Do you need to improve teamwork and leadership in your staff teams?
Do you want better appreciation of strengths and weaknesses in your teams?
Do you want sound decision making, problem solving and change management procedures?
Do you want to understand stress in yourself and others?

Myers Briggs is a well-respected psychological type indicator tool ("MBTI") that equips individuals and teams to view important differences between people in constructive ways. This tool has repeatedly proven to help organisations and leaders in team building, problem solving, change management, leadership development and understanding (and reducing) stress.

The Myers Briggs Service:
  • The assessment starts with understanding the strategic aims of the organisation.
  • Assessing individuals for MBTI is completed in groups of 5. Working with this size of a group is less expensive and much more effective, as the team of 5 motivates each other and gains much more out of each session. A group of 5, if assessed at your premises, costs just £375 including materials in a 3 hour session. 50 employees can be assessed in a week for just £3,250.
  • Included in each assessment is a unique Excel report that quickly interprets a wealth of data for each individual and for the team.
  • A range of one-day workshops can be arranged to use the Myers Briggs results to develop the staff team in areas directly relevant to the strategy of the organisation. These workshops effectively build on the knowledge gained, helping the organisation to implement strategies in team building, problem solving, change management, and leadership development. One-day workshops, if held at your premises, cost between £500 and £800 a day depending on the content.
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